Blue Lips Campaign still attracting new Puckerers!

It’s great to start a new week welcoming another nation and their PH patient support organisation to the campaign.  PHA Norway’s leader Hall Skåra has made contact on behalf of the 20 patient strong group, expressing their intention to start Puckering Up as soon as possible.   We can’t wait to share more Scandinavian news with the world.

Both Singapore and Germany have checked in with their first reported kisses last week.  The Singapore PAH Support Group worked closely with their local Bayer office to organise a stand at the Singapore General Hospital.  Despite heavy downpour in the morning where they were in danger of getting their information materials blown away, 243 kisses were gathered from hospital staff, patients and passers-by!  Two more PuckerUp4PH events are planned in the coming weeks at the National Heart Centre (NHC) on Wednesday the 29th of September and then on Monday the 4th of October at the Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

In Germany the local association, pulmonale hypertonie e.v.,  have been collecting kisses from members, family and friends and say there are still more to come from a support group meeting to be held in October.  These will be added to the 188 blue kisses collected at a Bayer sales force meeting last week and those due to be collected at an internal health awareness day at Bayer Germany this week!

Here in the UK excited murmurings foretold the return to the initiative of the world’s current unofficial record holder for blue lips, Tracie Pannell.   Over the weekend we are told virtually the whole of Exmouth descended on the local Tescos supermarket in order to lend their lips to the campaign.  Unconfirmed reports speculate that well over 400 kisses have been collected!

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