Hello California

Throughout the Orange County International Conference organised by the PHA in the United States, members of 51 groups across the world have been contributing kisses at a blue lip booth, getting blue lip tattooes and hopefully logging on here and keeping in touch with the world record attempt.

We need 40,000 lip prints and so far we have, we estimate, around 2500.  Every contribution will make a difference as whilst we are collecting lip prints we’re telling people about this conditio and as we know only 3% of the population have the first clue about PH.  You’ll read in previous episodes of this blog of individual efforts by some very special people, who are making a difference.  We have our fingers crossed that many many many more will be inspired by them and want to stand shoulder to shoulder with them in raising awareness of PH.

With thanks to Stuart Berwick & Diane Ramirez for sharing some of their photos from the conference.

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