Previous Puckerers in Toronto & California Inspire New Blue Kissers!

The Toronto chapter of PHA Canada have been great participants in the PuckerUp4PH campaign from the very start of the international campaign last year when their support group leader, Loretta Chu, was shortlisted in the search for the ‘Lips of 2010′.

This past week, the group has banded together at their most recent support group meeting to PuckerUp4PH again, collecting 25 kisses from those attending.  They are not done yet however, with the exercise generating much excitement in the  group and many members taking kits home with them to extend the campaign into their own communities.

Last year in California, young Katie Grace Groebner celebrated her 7th birthday with a Blue Lips party where all her friends and family PuckeredUp4PH and sent their photos in for participation in the 2009 campaign.  This year Katie Grace’s mum Kathy is continuing her efforts to raise awareness and understanding of PH and has caught the interest of a real estate agent in the area.

Windermere Lynne French & Associates have Puckered Up themselves already and are setting up a Blue Lips Kissing Booth in their Clayton office even advertising in the local paper for people to stop by and lend their lips to the campaign.   Thanks so much for the amazing support! We hope you stay in touch with more news and photos of the participation you inspire!

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