Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras and beyond

Word is speading across Central and Southern America and we are delighted to learn of activities about to take place in all the above three countries.

Cherry Red & Shocking Orange are the must have colours for Blue Lip fashion icons..the two colours proving most popular with those of you who are supporting the campaign through our merchandise offerings.

With Universities set to go back..what wonderful opportunity freshers week/activities provide to collect blue kisses and educate younger people about PH. Good luck to jenny’s mum and everyone at Loughborough ..if you are involved in academia..on whatever level.. and would like to get involved, dont be shy email us!!…it doesnt have to be uni’s..secondary, junior or infants schools would be brilliant too!!

Well done the Royal Brompton and congratulations on a great patient survey day yesterday. lets hope your actions spur your colleagues at all the fabulous PH centres in the UK to beat your number of kisses collected!!

The latest PHA-UK radio show available from the PHA-UK website ( will highlight the work behind the blue lip campaign and other successful PHA-UK led initiatives.  (It’s currently being uploaded and should be available in the next 8 hrs. )

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