The Royal Brompton Hospital & The Loughborough Business School Go Blue!

Last Wednesday, the 8th of September, the Pulmonary Hypertension Service at the Royal Brompton Hospital (one of the 8 PH specialist centres in the UK) held a PH Awareness Day.  Clinical staff helped man a stand stocked with information booklets and PHA-UK merchandise, answering questions and raising vital funds for the charity.

Sarai Sheppard (admin), Sweeta Dhakan (PH service co-ordinator), Lilly Morgans (PA to team), Lisa Parfitt (clinical nurse specialist), Carl Harries (clinical nurse specialist), Dr John Wort, Sylvia Dedman (admin)

Staff were also encouraging passersby to ‘PuckerUp4PH’ resulting in 49 people putting on the blue lippy and lending their lips to the cause!  They said:

“The day was a great success, supported by the whole team. The PH Service at the Royal Brompton Hospital will continue to raise awareness of this rare condition and take a lead in its diagnosis, treatment and research.”

Meanwhile, the latest addition to Jenny Leafe’s supporters in Loughborough is her mum Linda who has been getting her colleagues at Loughborough University’s School of Business and Economics to PuckerUp4PH!

Last week Linda limbered up with a total of 37 kisses collected, and has since placed an order for an additional four Blue Lips Kits which she hopes to use up during the rush of arrivals of freshman at the college in the coming weeks – That’s a potential for another 400 kisses!

Huge thanks to everyone from both the Pulmonary Hypertension Service at the Royal Brompton Hospital and to all those puckering up at Loughborough University in the coming weeks!

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