Students in Puerto Rico PuckerUp4PH After Reading Luz’s News

Puerto Rico quickly became one of the world’s hotspots for Blue Lips activity when Luz Batista-Santiago rallied her troops once more in 2010.  As a result, she and the Grupo de Apoyo para Pacientes de Hipertensión Pulmonar en Puerto Rico (GAPHPPR) have attracted a lot of attention including several articles in major Puerto Rican newspapers.

A student of the Dr. Agustín Stahl School in Bayamón, Puerto Rico read one of these articles and was inspired to ask her classmates to provide blue kisses to contribute to the Guinness World Record Attempt.   She has already collected 23 kisses in honour of her mother, who has been diagnosed with PH, and is now making plans with the GAPHPPR to approach the school’s director about staging a school-wide “Bezitos Azules” or “Blue Kisses” Day to collect kisses from the entire student body.

It is heartening to see connections being made by people around the world working together to raise awareness of PH.  A very big thanks to all the students at the school who have already taken part and good luck to you for your forthcoming plans!  We’d love to hear more of your news!

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