PHA-UK Puckers Up and Just Walks!

It was a very early start, but a bright blue sky beckoned encouraging PHA-UK staff, members and supporters to take on the incredible challenge of completing a 40km (or 26 mile) endurance walk across the beautiful South Downs of West Sussex in order to raise funds to support the PHA-UK’s Family Weekend.

The first of the blue kisses were collected in the UK for PuckerUp4PH 2010 by the intrepid adventurers before they took off  as they paused to Pucker Up, plaster on some blue lippy and kiss a few entry forms; in the process managing to raise more than a few eyebrows, but also a lot of interest in what we were doing.   We were delighted that many of the other walkers, also there to raise funds and awareness for their own causes, were drawn in by the spectacle and came over to ask about what we were doing before striding off across the Downs sporting blue lips of their own after having lent us their lips.

As we are starting to notice, the fellas although not dab hands with application of the lippy, tend to be more curious and keen to participate than we ever could have expected!   An absolutely beautiful day in the English countryside and an encouraging start to the UK attack on the current world record!

Click here to watch an audio slideshow of the day

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