Mexico Puckers Up to deliver their first 200 kisses!

After customs clearance problems delayed the entry of Mexico’s Blue Lips Kits until late July, the Asociación Mexicana de Hipertensión Arterial Pulmonar AC (AMHAP) have already collected 200 kisses and have many more PuckerUp4PH events planned to continue their contribution to the Guinness World Record TM attempt.

With materials already shipped around the country to Monterrey, Guadalajara, Guanajuato, more planned to be distributed for events in Merida and Tijuana and negotiations taking place with major hospitals and medical schools further news and photos are sure to be flowing in throughout the rest of the campaign.

On the second of September in Tennessee the Mid-South Area Support Group had a great time at their most recent meeting at the Bartlett Banquet hall PuckeringUp4PH.  This month, support group leader Barbara Thompson is also due to get the studio audience and viewers of the Loretta McNary show involved in the campaign.  Check back soon for more news and to watch the video that the show has kindly offered to share with us once filmed.

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