Puckering Up In the Pub!

Pubs are proving to have great potential in the UK for persuading people to PuckerUp4PH.

Jenny Leafe and friends hit a Loughborough pub recently and talked over 50 punters into lowering their pints long enough to slap on some blue lippy and kiss an entry form.  A very big thanks to you all and good luck to Hannah, one of Jenny’s friends, who is due to take over her office with a PuckerUp4PH awareness drive on the 20th of this month.

Meanwhile in the Briars Pub in Kettering Jacqui Boldy reports another 70+ kisses added to her impressive contribution to date.  The Briars have kindly helped out, providing space for Jacqui to set up a table to collect kisses and do some fundraising for the PHA-UK and also encouraging their staff to wear the PuckerUp4PH t-shirts to help raise awareness.

Jacqui hasn’t missed an opportunity to contribute to the campaign carrying her Blue Lips Kit wherever she goes and even collecting a handful of lip prints recently at her daughter’s birthday dinner.  Her drive is inspiring others to help as well with a friend who is a nurse at a local hospital collecting 56 kisses herself so far.  Keep it up Kettering!

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