A Deluge of Blue Lips

Dramatic updates to the PuckerUp4PH leaderboard are becoming the norm after news of big collections of Blue Lips literally poured in over the weekend.

PH Israel are continuing the success of their shopping centre stands with a tremendous 550 blue kisses collected over the weekend at a mall in Petah Tikva near the Beilinson Hospital.  I understand huge thanks are to be forwarded to the team of young people helping on the day who were instrumental in this achievement.

The New Zealand Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Society (NZPAH) have been in touch to let us know about their first organised event which took place at Basalt, a local bar and restaurant in Howick on the North Island.  Throughout the afternoon patrons and staff puckered up with an final count revealing a fabulous 96 kisses collected.

Lucinda Duxbury-Smith of the PHA-UK took no time off over the Bank Holiday weekend, teaming up once more with her local Rotary Group to manage a stand at the Minnis Bay Fete in Kent.  The proven pull of the Blue Lips logo and proximity to the Rotary Beer and Pimm’s tent ensured the stand experienced a constant flow of visitors with over 800 blue lip prints collected and information on PH shared with all participants.

Another familiar face in the campaign, Jacqui Boldy, was out again over the weekend encouraging folk to Pucker Up at the Briars Pub in Kettering.   Sounds like it was another busy day for Jacqui and friends with indoors being the place to be after a spate of cold and wet weather across the UK in the last week.

We’re also looking forward to a mass of new names in the coming weeks with Singapore, Ireland, Germany and Spain soon to host their first PuckerUp4PH events.  With other PH groups and individuals around the world continuing their efforts, make sure you check back in regularly to stay abreast of all the updates flooding in.

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