PH-ers in the USA Rise to the Challenge

After the popular “Kissing Booth” at the international PH conference hosted by the PHA earlier this year, many attendees were inspired to take the PuckerUp4PH concept back to their own support groups, family and friends around the USA.  We’ve heard whispers of Blue Lips Kits being ordered and events being planned here and there for a little while now, but in the last week news of kisses actually being collected is starting to flood in.

It all kicked off with an email from Karen Janjanin, a support group leader from Delaware who last weekend collected 32 lip prints from the youth group at the Old Paths Church of Christ in Georgetown (click on the link below for their video).  Karen also had plans to collect still more kisses at the church picnic the next day.

The Old Paths Church Of Christ Youth Group PuckersUp4PH

Then checking the updates of our Facebook friends, photos uploaded by the Newport Beach support group in California showed a host of blue lips being set off by perfect blue seas and skies.

From all the comments on the album, it sounds like everyone had a great time and may be inspiring some other friends out there who haven’t yet Puckered Up this year.  A great tip coming out of this group is to hunt down some blue facepaint which you can probably find at a local costume shop or party supplies store and apply it with cotton buds/q tips.

Sean Wyman, a member of the Newport group who only this week sat his MCAT exam for entry into medical school, has big plans including securing blue lip prints from a large number of the staff and student body at the University of California, Riverside.  Good luck on the exams and with the kisses Sean!

Evan White, Sean’s unstoppable Mum also attended the San Bernadino support group meeting and plans to visit a group in San Diego soon. She sent along these photos and already holds around 30kisses to add to the growing tally.

Meanwhile in the hometown of the PHA, Silver Spring, Alex Castro Flipse set up a stand downtown last week managing to collect 55 kisses in only 3 1/2 hours under the scorching sun.  Despite a tremendous effort she wonders whether borrowing the popular “Kissing Booth” banner from the PHA conference scared off more passersby than attracted them in that location.  She did however meet some new friends who have now joined the local support group and is planning another occasion in a month or so once the weather has cooled down.

Finally, we received some very exciting news from Barbara Thompson, a PH support group leader in the Mid South Area who informs us that the Loretta McNary show will be “Puckering Up in Memphis” this September.  Loretta herself has very graciously responded to an email from us today and we look forward to sharing more news and the date and time the show will be airing soon.

If you are in the USA and haven’t yet got a Blue Lips kit, email Christine Dickler ( at the PHA to request one.  If you already have your kit and have been convincing people to slather on the blue lippy already, email us here at PuckerUp4PH HQ ( to let us know about your experience and tell us how many kisses we can update the tally by!

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