Shoppers PuckerUp4PH in the UK, Puerto Rico and Israel

Shopping centres & malls around the world are proving a popular location for kiss collecting and chatting to the public about PH as passersby are drawn in to find out about the Blue Lips being proudly displayed.   Successful PuckerUp4PH events in three separate countries have taken place in the last week alone targetting shoppers.

This past weekend, PHA-UK members Jacqui & Mark Boldy, Michelle & Barry Marshall, Tina Pickering, Kathy Davis and Beryl & Stephen Morrell returned to Newlands Shopping Centre in Kettering.  Despite competing with a local carnival which reduced the number of shoppers the received another great response collecting over 100 kisses, and even convinced a friendly carnival clown to PuckerUp4PH.

At the San Patricio Plaza Mall in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico last week, the Caparra Wellness Center held a Health Fair with over seventy professionals teaching people about nutrition, exercise and various health disorders including pulmonary hypertension coupled with collecting further blue kisses resulting in a total 224 kisses collected during the campaign so far with more events to come.   The kids pictured, all home schoolers, helped throughout the day teaching other children and adults alike about the working of the respiratory system whilst also collecting Blue Lips for the campaign.

And in Jerusalem, PHA Israel with friends and volunteers have hosted another stand at the Citrus Mall collecting 261 kisses taking their countries tally over the 1000 mark! Congratulations!  We look forward to sharing photos of this event with the world soon.

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