Canada Puckers Up & PR Powers On While the UK Brings Out the Big Guns

With all kits now received by the various support groups across Canada, we’ve this week received the first photos of Puckering Up from New Brunswick.  In their first two events, the New Brunswick PH Society have collected over 70 lip prints, most recently taking the campaign to the Canadian National Transplant Games.

Jennifer Gendron from the group even took her blue lippy along to a recent family reunion with some great photos resulting.   PuckerUp4PH is set to feature in their upcoming newsletter, so we look forward to more pics, stories and kisses from the New Brunswick PH-ers soon!

We also heard that the Toronto chapter of the PHA Canada were due to introduce the campaign at their recent support group meeting and know that the Edmonton PAH Society had plans for several occasions.  We can’t wait to share these stories and more about Canada from here on in.

The outstanding Grupo de Apoyo para Pacientes de Hipertensión Pulmonar en Puerto Rico (GAPHPPR) have held another wildly successful shopping mall event last weekend, collecting another 839 lip prints to take their total number of kisses collected comfortably over the 3000 mark.  We can’t wait for more photos and news as they are already looking forward to the 25th of August and their stand at the Metropolitan University (UMET) in San Juan.

This last week has turned into a tussle for the top of the leaderboard with this impressive haul from the Puerto Ricans only being pipped by the astounding 1200 lip prints collected by Lucinda Duxbury-Smith of the PHA-UK from her stand at the Broadstairs Folk Week.

Blue Lip prints are being collected at an ever-increasing rate, and it is at this time the world’s unofficial record holder for the largest collection of blue lips enters the fray after graciously giving everyone else a head start.  In 2008 when the Blue Lip World Record attempt was first introduced in the UK Tracie Pannell, inspired by her daughter Leanne, collected over 8,500 blue kisses alone.  On the 18th of  September this year she will be out all day at Tesco Exmouth, collecting kisses and sharing information about PH with shoppers.  We hear she is already gunning to surpass her astounding previous effort to contribute to the overall record attempt and further the shared goal to vastly improve knowledge and understanding of PH around the world.

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