Blue Lips Craft Patterns

As promised, Bev Newman, a friend of the PuckerUp4PH campaign has developed a range of patterns for Blue Lips Crafts, including a handbag, necklaces, a key ring, a purse and coasters.  She has kindly shared them with us to publish online for the global PH community.

Blue Lips Handbag

Blue Lips Keyring & Purse

Blue Lips Necklaces

Blue Lips Coasters

Bev, along with a group of friends, intends to work on making a host of Blue Lips items to sell at a local fete to raise funds for the PHA-UK alongside collecting blue kisses towards the Guinness World Record AttemptTM and has also made the finished product available for sale from her website with 75% of the profits going to the PHA-UK.  Thanks very much Bev!!!

What creative Blue Lips ideas have you and your friends had?  Email us at so we can share them with PH-ers everywhere!

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