Puerto Rico Poised to Increase Their Lead as UK Surges Forward.

Soon after hearing the news of the 623 kisses collected by PHA-UK’s Kathy Davis, word of the forthcoming activities of the unstoppable Puerto Rican Group, GAPHPPR, reached us.  This weekend they are taking to the Las Catalinas Mall in Caguas for a marathon 12hours on the Saturday and an additional 8hours on the Sunday followed closely by their participation in a commemorative week for primary health at the Metropolitan University (UMET) in San Juan on the 25th of August where they will be looking to collect kisses from participants and the student body.   We are sure to see another dramatic rise in their blue kiss tally!

GAPHPPR’s success to date lies not only in their drive to keep organising group events, but also in their ability to inspire and enable individuals to take part.  They have recently been fortunate to receive a generous donation from El Conquistador Resort in PR for a stay of three nights for two adults and two children.  They are offering this amazing prize to the person who collects the most lip prints for the GAPHPPR. In order to qualify for entry, hopeful kiss collectors must have at least 100 valid kisses (for full terms and conditions, please write to grupoapoyohppr@gmail.com).

A great idea! Do you have any local businesses that might be interested in supporting the campaign by offering a prize or a service as an incentive for participation for members of your support group or PH Association?

Another association raking in the kisses through a range of creative group activities is PHA Israel.  In their most recent event, members and volunteers manned a stall in a shopping mall in Tel Aviv reporting that it a great awareness raising effort with many shoppers stopping to ask questions and take PH info leaflets away with them.  They also managed to secure another 261 kisses bringing their tally to 779!

Murmurs of more kissing in the USA have been heard too, with requests for Blue Lips Kits coming in daily from individuals and support group leaders keen to make their impression on the campaign.  Don’t forget to email us the news (lips@puckerup4PH) so we can report on it and include your numbers in the tally for the USA.  They’re also staging a PuckerUp4PH event on 19th of August in downtown Silver Spring close to PHA headquarters with music and facepainting!  Some great photos to share soon from them I’m sure!

Added to this a report from Italy’s Associazione Malati Ipertensione Polmonare (AMIP) has been in touch to say they are confident that they will blow their early estimate of being able to contribute 300 kisses to the campaign with a revised prediction of 2ooo+ to add to the overall tally by the end of October!

Keep an eye out also for another boost to come for UK kisses, as just this week PHA-UK’s own Jacqui Boldy has made another bumper order for blue lips kits… What could she be up to?  Also Jane Taylor’s phenomenal success in Spain has inspired her son Mark to arrange Blue Lips events at the Purple Turtle nightclub in Reading which will be kicking off each weekend any time now!

In the end, we are all working towards the joint goal of taking the PH message to the world, but surely a little competition can’t hurt?  Stay tuned…

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