A new challenge goes out!

A small amendment to the PuckerUp4PH homepage has been made in the last day that we hope will make a big impact in our race to collect a Guinness World Record TM breaking number of blue kisses… Have you seen it yet?

There is now a Blue Lip Print leaderboard to show not only the total number of kisses collected so far, but also which countries are Puckering Up.  It’s not 100% accurate yet, but does include the numbers of kisses officially reported on from participating PH associations around the world and a few individuals who have informed us separately of their efforts.  We know there are at least another couple of hundred other kisses out there so far unnaccounted for (may be even more!), so please don’t hesitate to email us at lips@puckerup4ph.com if your country, and kisses, haven’t yet been acknowledged!

Last year, great competition flared up between different countries in the effort to have their shortlisted “puckerer” receive the honour of being named the “Lips of 2010″ and we are hoping you will all embrace this year’s challenge with the same enthusiasm!  Remember that if we hit our target, those 40,000 lip prints won’t just result in an entry in a record book, more significantly they will symbolise 40,000 people who now know about and have a greater understanding of what it means to live with PH.

So put your heads together with your friends and family, with the members of your PH association or support group, with colleagues, with your hospital or clinic staff, even with your online pals and get creative with ways to collect those kisses!

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