Every last little kiss…

We’re striving towards a big target of 40,000 lip prints needed to set a new Guinness World Record TM and a couple of lip prints received today from two sisters from Sheffield in the UK are a really valuable addition to the collection of blue lip prints starting to stack up around the world.

We’d like to say a special thank you to both Emily (aged 9) and Lucy (aged 5) who took the time with family to print their entry forms from the PuckerUp4PH site so they could contribute their kisses to celebrate the life of their Mum.

We’ve seen some great events already take place, where whole PH associations and support groups have managed to band together with some stunning and inspiring results.  But with the way that the PH community is spread around the world, in many places, the contribution of individuals who take the time to make their own lip print and who perhaps get a few family members and friends to do the same will be key to achieving this ambitious goal.

Others like Jenny Leafe in Leicester are getting those around them involved in their own way.  Jenny last week got her friends and family to don the blue lipstick at a barbeque, with some great photos resulting.

What are your blue lips plans?  Email us at lips@puckerup4ph.com to share your ideas, stories and photos!

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