Puckering Up in Cornwall and Marche, Italy

Margaret Williams of Cornwall recently joined PHA-UK after being diagnosed with PH and, like many others, has found a lack of awareness and understanding of the condition all too common, “they only seem to hear the word ‘Hypertension’ and assume wrongly, that I just have high blood pressure!”

This Friday just past, Margaret organised a stand at her regular day centre where she collected kisses and passed on information about PH, helped out by her husband who was on hand to warn off those thinking they might get to kiss the lovely Margaret instead of one of our entry forms.  Staff at the centre have encouraged them to put up posters advertising PuckerUp4PH and to leave behind entry forms and information so they can carry on getting the locals to pucker up throughout the campaign!

Margaret also has plans to take the campaign to Scotland in the coming months whilst attending the National Camping and Carvanning Rally and enlisting the help of the brass band she plays in to boost the number of lip prints gathered.

Meanwhile, back in the Marche region of Italy, Tiziana and Simone Franceschini are carrying on their PuckerUp4PH activities in memory of their little daughter Sofia who we spoke of back at the start of this year’s campaign.  Their latest event took place on the 17th of this month at a fashion show at the Foro Annonario a semicircular Neoclassical marketplace in the centre of Senigalia in the Marche region of Italy.

To read the Italian article about their efforts, please click here.

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