You’ve Got To Pick A Pucker Or Two…

A huge thank you to the cast of the London production of Oliver who have sent us blue lip prints and photographs backstage of them doing the deed whilst still in costume with Steven Hartley, who plays Bill Sikes, leaving a beard print along with his blue lip print!

We know from the emails and letters we have recieved what the support of members of some of the finest theatre productions in the world means to people living with PH. A very big thank you on behalf of everyone in the PH community for your support.

Much appreciation also for all those at BBC Radio 2 who took part – your kisses and fabulous photos arrived with us in the office today!

Talking of huge thanks…the winner of the ‘lips of 2010′ Luz Batista Santiago whose perfect pout appears on all campaign materials..has with the support of her fellow PH-ers, family, friends, co-workers and colleagues been leading from the front. Luz and her team has been spreading word about the initiative and collecting kisses across the Carribean and beyond. People in Puerto Rico have been magnificent in their support of the campaign and we know will make a sizeable contribution to the final tally of lip prints.

We look forward to sharing with you details of the fantastic efforts of our friends in North and South of Italy in the coming days..Ciao to all across that fine country!

The support for PuckerUp4PH continues in Israel with a pool party, supported by one of PHA Israel’s local corporate sponsors contributing over 200 lip prints. Keep in touch with PHA Israel’s website to see details.

We hear things are about to get busy in New Zealand and are very much looking forward to your involvement with the campaign.

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