Blue Lip Fever Spreads Across Puerto Rico!

The Puerto Rican PH Support Group, Grupo de Apoyo para Pacientes de Hipertensión Pulmonar en Puerto Rico (GAPHPPR) have been working again to take the PH message to the population.  Their story is best told in the words of the lovely Luz Batista-Santiago herself:

“The ‘blue lips’ fever has continued to spread all over the island.  Last Friday, July 9, it was caught by the employees and visitors of the subsidiaries of Popular Inc., Popular Mortgage and Popular Auto, and the Mortgage Servicing Division.  A total of 357 lip prints were collected during the event that had to be extended from the two hours planned to almost four hours.  Participants had to make a line in order to show their support to co-workers Gisela Rodríguez, who passed away last year as a consequence of PH, and Luz Batista.  In addition, they received information about the condition.

The same day, lip prints were also collected from the children of a summer camp and the employees of AT&T.  With the five weeks of the campaign so far, the GAPHPPR officially have 1,383 lip prints accounted for.  To this figure we must include the prints that have been individually gathered by the members of the group.  Therefore, we believe that we must be near 2,000 prints collected.”

Well done!!!  It seems the imagination and the drive of this group are taking Puerto Rico to the forefront of the campaign again!  I hope everyone else takes on the challenge – every single kiss collected in any country in the world contributes to this huge challenge of defeating the Guinness World RecordTM and creates the opportunity to speak about PH with everyone around you.

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