Lips Around The World

Every day is different with PuckerUp4PH we got in to the office this morning to find a huge surge in web visits from Brazil…and India!!..Amazing as we don’t think that the materials for the initiative have made it through Brazilian customs yet!! India is a new friend of the campaign as are the goodly PH community in Poland. Not part of the associations taking part, but keeping in touch with developments.

On behalf of PuckerUp4PH member organisations we’d like to thank every corporate sponsor/supporter who is helping to stage events and get the message out there on a local level ….Notably..we’d like to say thanks to NeoPharm of Israel, all the wonderful organisations in Brisbane/Australia (especially the pharmacist who weighed in with all the Blue Zinc…we hear Australian men are not that keen on wearing blue lipstick!!)… we’d like to acknowledge all the PH specialists in Singapore, Puerto Rico and Canada for getting involved with PuckerUp4PH in their part of the world. Hello and thank you to all the Bayer, Pfizer, Actelion and United Therapeutics people who are doing what they can in their regions to assist local groups.

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