Mexico, Canada, Brazil and all that

Thanks to the vagueries of international couriers agents/officialdom we still have materials waiting to be distributed to our supporters in Mexico & Brazil..some of the Canadian materials have now, thankfully become available to the groups who are involved right across that fine country…and not a moment too soon!! 40,000 lip prints is a mighty total to collect..and we haven’t made it to 10,000 yet.. …

Our international co-ordinator Elizabeth Hinchey is on the case sorting the remaining parcels out..and if anyone can..Liz can!!….(she herself will be completing a tri-athlon in August in Blue Lips)

We had news from our German friends earlier this week and learnt that Bayer, who have been so brilliant in their support for PuckerUp4PH are doing a special day at their HQ to assist…A huge thank you also to Actelion, Pfizer and United Therapeutics..who we hope will also get as many of their staff to lend their lips to what we are trying to acheive.

News reached us last night that Scottish contender for the Lips of 2010, Nicola McCulloch has been gathering interest..a blue lip lingerie party was apparently a great success!!..local schools and employers to Nicola are also getting involved in the world record attempt.

We’ve seen a rise in requests for lip packs this week..many thanks to the friends and family of Jenny Leafe who are on the case in Loughborough and throughout Leicestershire gathering as many prints as they can..and we’d like to say a big thank you to keen Cornwall based Caravaner & PH-er Margaret Williams..who is spreading the word amongst her communities.

The PHA-UK office team, fresh form the success of the 2010 Family weekend have begun an onslaught of all the charity’s suppliers and contractors…

Since the press launch on the 6th of July we have seen web visits quadruple and they are being sustained on a daily basis..which is fantastic!!…What is more 70% of the visitors are new..and they’re spending an average of 6 minutes on the site..learning about PH, viewing the films and downloading forms which we hope translates into entries for the World record attempt…thank you, thank you, thank you..

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