Blue Kisses Being Collected Around the World!

The great news is that the official Blue Lips kits have been delivered in most regions of the world despite Customs in certain regions baulking at these mysterious shipments containing blue lipstick of all things! There have been some enthusiastic folk around the world, however, who just couldn’t wait for their official kits to arrive and who have already seized opportunities to speak about PH and give the global PH community a head start on the blue lip print world record attempt!

The Australian PuckerUp4PH operation was launched mid May in Queensland in memory of Alex McGrath, whose story features in one of our PH Films. The unstoppable McGrath family, not seeing enough of a challenge in pursuing just one Guinness World Record, combined two in a single event with over 300 dancers also competing for a Zumba record. In a uniquely Australian slant, those who lent their lips on the day left their mark in blue zinc which had been generously donated by a local company looking to support the initiative.

Next week they are planning to go into Alex and Chloe’s school (Chloe McGrath runner up in the last year’s search for the lips of 2010 pictured centre) to collect kisses from the entire student body and staff and have plans for many more awareness opportunities for the PHA Australia and pulmonary hypertension. In a recent radio interview, Vivien McGrath revealed that as a result of their committed campaigning work over the last year they have heard of at least one family, who on hearing their message ‘asked the question’ and received a diagnosis.

On the other side of the world, AMIP (Associazione Malati di Ipertensione Polmonare) of Italy celebrated their association’s 10th anniversary in the town of Pavia, their President Luisa Bonelli introducing the initiative over breakfast on the first morning of the campaign by marking each persons place with a PuckerUp4PH entry form instead of a place card!

The first weekend in June in beautiful Brugnetto the parents of Sofia Franceschini, Tiziana and Simone of the AMIP group in the March region of Italy, captured not only the imagination and kisses of many of the locals in setting up a ‘PuckerUp4PH’ stand at an outdoor banquet, but also the attention of the local media, securing articles in a number of local publications as well as a radio interview to spread the message about PH.

Canada’s Edmonton P.A.H Society, led by President Lynn-Marie Cox were enthusiastic participants in last year’s PuckerUp4PH initiative and, with an early show of confidence, suggested that between their members and supporting specialist medical staff, they may be able to collect more than 10,000 blue lip prints in the Edmonton area alone! Their large order of Blue Lips kits arrived last week and Lynn-Marie wasted no time at all whipping out the blue lippy and getting her Fedex driver to ‘Pucker Up’ right there on her doorstep! With the group hosting two more events in quick succession by the weekend, it sounds like they are on course for achieving their goal by the end of the campaign.

This is just a short account of the enthusiasm being shown for the campaign and it’s vital mission to increase awareness of pulmonary hypertension and we know there are many more events already being planned around the world, so if you want to share news about your PuckerUp4PH event to help inspire others, please send us a quick email to and we can post details here on the blog!

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