Towards July 6th

Another frantic week of activity at PU4PH HQ..we have written to every national newspaper, magazine and health title in the UK to ask if they’d ‘pucker up’ for the campaign. Tee-shirts, lipsticks, entry forms and disposal camera’s have been dispatched with a stamped addressed return envelope to all health editors/editorial departments…we’ll be following those up next week…we won’t leave it to chance to see what we get back…Next week we will be contacting all the West End Theatres and touring theatre groups, all the TV & Radio soap operas will be hit as will all the radio stations and regional newspaper titles.

We are making online entries a little easier with a single sheet PDF entry form..and next week our thousands of internet supporters will be alerted to ask if they’ll revisit the site and lend their lips…we’ll also be ramping up our social network get more and more to lend their lips and support for the initiative..

Across the World, the differing interpretations of customs law by officials has delayed the delivery of a couple of boxes of materials in two or three countries…but most have now arrived…in our next update we’ll have details of who is doing what and where….it’s amazing what is being planned in Australia, Brazil, British Columbia, the USA. Italy, Quebec, Toronto and across Canada Germany, Singapore, Israel, New Zealand, Mexico, South America and Spain!!

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