Blue lip Count Update

It’s been a while since we have given you an update on where things are with the PH Awareness raising campaign that we’ve been leading round the world, namely the Guinness World Record attempt…’PuckerUp4PH. The PU4PH team, have been beavering away since the first of December administrating all the entries. The good news is…we have received far in excess of the figure stated on the PHA UK radio show at Xmas…. but only just over half of the 10’s of thousands of entries recieved had been listed… alongside all the UK entries which we were expecting to do…..we’ve had to data enter all these others as well….we’ve also had quite a number of ineligible entries….this process, is thankfully coming to an end. I’m hoping that early next week we’ll be able start to pull together the ‘official count’ the following fortnight…so we may then claim the new World record for the PH community, here and across the World and generate further awareness of PH via the media.

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