PH Israel’s Kissing Wall in Tel Aviv Attracts Celebrity ‘Air Kisses’

Despite a sweltering 33°C heat, PHA Israel’s creative take on the PuckerUp4PH campaign took off  on the 6th of July with celebrity guests and passers-by invited to apply blue lipstick, kiss their forms and then display them on a large Kissing Wall erected on a central boulevard in Tel Aviv.  With the term “Pucker Up” not translating easily into Hebrew, PHA Israel is using a clever play on words that roughly equates to “a kiss for a breath of air” in promoting the campaign.

The event by all accounts was a success and a great deal of fun attracting participants from as far away as Jerusalem, and collecting in excess of 300 blue kisses!  A host of school children in town on holiday were also greatly excited to take part in the event and, cleverly, as their blue lipped photos are to be posted on the organisation’s Facebook page, the PH message will get passed on even further when they log on to show their families and friends!

PHA Israel also ensured their message was reaching a much wider audience by advertising in newspapers prior to the event and securing additional tv coverage on the day which captured the attendance of special guests including the Israeli stars Uri Gottlieb, Shira Farber and Ido Tadmor all proud to do their bit to help raise awareness of PH and publicise the campaign.

Click here to watch a video of the PHA Israel event

Huge congratulations go to you all in Israel, we can’t wait to hear more from you about what you’re planning next!

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