PHA-UK PuckerUp4PH at their 10 Year Anniversary Conference

PHA-UK’s annual conference took place over the weekend in an event celebrating a decade of success for the association.  On an unusually sunny autumn Saturday in Manchester, the morning’s events included an address from PHA-UK Chairman Iain Armstrong, a presentation from PH Consultant Dr John Wort, several patient reflections and a “Question Time” with a panel of PH experts.

The conference was attended by over 200 PHA-UK members, family and friends and another 300 or so more were able to watch the proceedings via a live web-stream!  For all our friends around the world who couldn’t be there, the video is now archived on the PHA-UK website and can be viewed here.

Break out activities in the afternoon included African drumming, pilates, hypnotherapy, Thai Chi, relaxation techniques, First Aid, a session to introduce the newly revamped PHA-UK website and the very popular chocolate making course!

In between the sessions, members had the opportunity to catch up with friends, peruse a few trade stands and of course, PuckerUp4PH!  There was a lot of interest in the successes of all the other associations participating around the world and loads of our favourite photos from the global initiative were on display.  Many attending have already lent their lips over the last couple of months so they took the opportunity to collect additional Blue Lips kits to see them through their final kiss collecting activities in November.

Even members of the crew and the friendly staff at the Hilton got involved!

All in, 199 kisses were counted after the weekend, a number that didn’t seem to sit well with PuckerUp4PH campaign director Paul Pennington, so now back in the office he has rounded the tally up to 200 with his very own Blue Lip print!

Others in the UK have been busy too.  Loughborough Uni celebrated their freshers week with over 100 new students lending their lips and learning about PH.   A huge thanks goes to Peter Dickenson of Robert Bakewell Hall for coordinating this contribution.

In London in the last week, DDB Health have done their bit to promote a greater awareness and understanding of PH in the workplace taking some time out to blue up,  get kissing and adding another 115 kisses to the pot in the process.

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