Norway to ”Gi trutmunn til PH”

A very short time ago we welcomed PHA Norway to the campaign and just today we received news and photos of their very first kiss collecting activities. President of the association, Hall Skåra, is also a member of a Backgammon league which meets for regular tournaments.  His fellow players understood that he had been unwell, but Hall found PuckerUp4PH to be a great opportunity to explain a little more about PH and its impact.

He says he is very grateful, for the reception the initiative received when introduced and that members of the league were happy to apply the lippy and give their kiss although, perhaps some were not as comfortable as others.

An article about PH and the campaign has today been uploaded to the Backgammon leagues website and further PuckerUp4PH events will also be carried out at upcoming tournaments.

Hall’s son plays Basketball at a national level and enquiries have been made as to whether the team might play this Sunday, Halloween, in blue lips at a prominent game sure to attract members of the media – a great idea to get attention for not just the campaign, but for PH through Norway.

“As head of the Norwegian patient association, it was natural for me to continue the campaign in Norway,” he says. “This is about creating publicity for a rare disease. It is important that the correct diagnosis made at as early as possible, andthis is why it is important to spread knowledge about the disease to the public.”

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