PuckerUp Round Up!

In the UK over 180 kisses were collected recently at Lafarge Aggregates Head Office in Leicestershire, with the Blue Lips spectacle prompting a lot of questions about the condition and the campaign.

Hannah Perry, together with colleagues Andrew Murphy, Hayley Clark, Jane Atkinson and Kim Wright inspired colleagues to embrace the challenge and PuckerUp4PH.   Special thanks to the company’s directors and a very important client who halted a vital business meeting so that they too could don blue lippy and lend their Lips to the cause

Over to Spain and the PH patient association Fundación Contra la Hipertensión Pulmonar (FCHP).  Although they joined the campaign a little later than some of the other associations, their enthusiasm and creativity has been outstanding and inspiring.  The council of the Municipality of Parla, near Madrid is a major supporter of the FCHP campaign having distributed entry forms and blue lipsticks amongst all of the council’s staff and set up three locations in the city, including a booth at Town Hall, where the general population can go to participate in the campaign.  Even the local police have Puckered up 4 PH.

Alongside collecting as many lip prints as they can FCHP has secured a huge amount of media coverage and have introduced PuckerUp4PH at a series of large events, sharing information about the condition and collecting blue kisses.

The International Day of the Elderly was recently celebrated in Parla with music, dancing good food and lots of Blue kisses.  Over 500 blue collected on this day alone!

Our Spanish friends at FCHP are also collaborating with a professional basketball team “El Baloncesto Fuenlabrada”  just outside of Madrid who have invited the association to collect kisses and speak to fans about PH at their next couple of games.  The campaign is also being promoted through the team’s website.

Olga Colman, a member of FCHP last week took her kits along to the “Day for Patients with Rare Diseases” at the General Hospital of the city of Valencia in a continuation of her campaign in the area.  She reports that a lot of interest was generated this day which should result in the collection of further blue kisses!

Over to the USA, or rather to Afghanistan, where Jocelyn Cavendar has been working to collect blue kisses and increase awareness of PH with fellow employees from Comprehensive Health Services who provide on-site medical care for Air Traffic Controllers and their support auxiliary staff in Kabul.  Jocelyn has been inspired by her friend Sean Wyman, a member of the PHA in the USA, to organise several awareness events at the Moral, Welfare and Recreation centre and has kindly translated the materials into Russian for the Russian and Balkan members of the team.

In Mexico, the campaign has really taken off thanks to the efforts of both the PH patient support groups as well as individuals.  One lady in particular, Silvia Galvan has been working particularly hard to promote the campaign and PH awareness in every sphere of her life.  In addition to spending time with a local Scout group, persuading local cinema staff to get involved, working with schools in the area and puckering up at sporting events, Silvia even opened up her home to friends, family and colleagues over several days.  She has collected an astounding 600 kisses already – and she’s still going!

The Puerto Rican support group GAPHPPR led by the “Lips of 2010”, Luz Batista-Santiago, have continued their inspiring work and have once more taken the lead in the Blue Lips tally.  They have a confirmed count of 4731 kisses, but believe that once all the kisses are returned to them from their members and supporters their actual number could be in excess of 7000 kisses.  Their latest PuckerUp4PH activities include two separate schools whose students contributed 300 kisses each to the effort – In one of the school’s the celebrations being led by Luz’s own aunt Mrs Alma Santiago.

In another school at a volleyball tournament, one of Luz’s colleagues, Brenda Diaz, worked with her husband, daughter and mother in law to gather a further 208 kisses from the players, students and faculty.  Luz also tells us that thanks to the media coverage they have worked to get over the last couple of months they have had enquiries from other schools and organisations wanting her to come and speak to them and help them participate in the campaign!

And finally:  Central America has joined the campaign in a spectacular way co-ordinating an extensive media campaign to reach as many people as possible, achieving coverage on TV, radio and in newspapers and magazines.  They simultaneously hosted prominent public events in the likes of Costa Rica, Honduras and Guatemala to allow as many people as possible to participate in the Guinness World Record attempt with a stunning 1675 kisses collected in one weekend between the three countries.

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