Looking Ahead..

Thank you to everyone who is keeping us in touch with events and initiatives. We will be posting a round up of photos and news presently.

In the weeks to come we are hoping a great many more people are going to get involved with the campaign, gather some lip prints and share their knowledge about Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. (If you do want to get involved, then look round this site to see how you can do that and if you want to mount an event please get in touch via lips@puckerup4ph.com)

PHA-UK who initiated this campaign and who are working closely with PHriends from Ireland, Canada, USA, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Germany, Norway, Poland, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, Israel, Singapore, Asia and South Africa have their annual conference across Halloween Weekend in Manchester. Pucker’s Manchester based colleagues will be attending and hoping to add another few hundred kisses to the tally.

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