Every Kiss Counts..

As those of you who have visited this blog before will know, the Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension community and its friends and supporters across the 4 corners of the earth are working together to get more people to be aware of this serious and rare lung condition and in the process of doing so, are looking to collect 40,000 Blue Lip prints to set a new World record. If you are happening across the site for the first time we’d encourage you to look back at some of the truly special things that have happened from Ibiza to Israel as part of this PHA-UK led campaign.

It is so, so wonderful to see such a simple idea catch light across the world and to hear the experiences of each group/patient associations who are doing so much to make this campaign so effective.

Christine Dickler from the PHA in the US, explained to us how the campaign is taking shape there,’ The campaign has been incredibly effective not only in energizing our members, but in creating opportunities to invite their communities to ask them about their illness. It’s not uncommon for curious neighbors to keep their questions to themselves in an effort to be mindful and polite, but for so many patients, it’s a relief and a bit of a gift to have the chance to inform their communities about PH and what they live with. We’ve heard great stories of family members and friends taking hold of the campaign and bringing it out into their own communities, virally. I think it’s helped many patients take a bit of ownership over their illness. It’s certainly been keeping us busy over here”.

This is music to the ears of the PuckerUp4PH team, as empowering people to share their experiences of this condition is a key objective of the campaign. As of course is celebrating life and as you’ll see from the photos below we’ve certainly been acheiving that.

Next week, we’ve got a whole host of happenings from across the World to share with you, so we hope you can visit us once again. Whilst you are here why not find out more about PH/PAH, have a look at some of the patient films, you can even show your allegiance by buying some of our blue lip merchandise, with all profits going back into the campaign. ..and before you leave…please print off one of our entry forms, put on lipstick (it doesn’t have to be blue) kiss the form, add you name and signature and send it back to one of the participating associations…it could be your kiss that makes the difference in our World Record attempt!!

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