Beyond 20,000…

Sharing news of the developments with this campaign is something that everyone on the PuckerUp4PH team looks forward to doing. It is great to be able to share with both the wider community as well as those that live with or are affected by PAH (Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension) of all that is taking place across the World. It’s great to see so many of you celebrating life, spreading the word about PAH, gaining kisses and moving us, lip print by lip print, towards a New World record.

If you are reading this update from any country that isn’t currently participating in our awareness raising & world record attempt ..and would like to join PHriends in Norway, Poland and South Africa who are now joining our initiative..please, please, please do get in touch. We can supply your national/regional group with High resolution PDF files, in your language (if you’d help with translations) for local printing…so please get in touch!!!

This weekend we hope to pass the half way mark to our target thanks to efforts across 4 continents..We need many many more of you to help them in the days and weeks ahead. Together we can make a difference!!

It’s great to learn of people liaising with local supermarkets/malls/libraries to set up a stall and collect Blue kisses. I also hear a couple of the larger cinema complexes have been helpful…as are the many church congregations/faith groups who are lending their lips to suport us.

As you will see from reading the previous entries on this blog we’ve had some really fantastically creative ways to collect kisses…and we look forward to sharing your events and ideas…

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