On The Way…USA!!

Delighted to learn of the news from our good friends at the PHA in the US that requests for entry forms, information leaflets, stickers and posters is increasing steadily…lets hope it continues to grow and grow..we have a big target to hit…..fantastic to learn of the numbers of college folk, schools,church/faith groups..people from all walks of life who want to help us spread the word about this condition and help us break the world record…!!

As we move forward towards what our US friends and many other nations support association/groups are working towards… PAH Awareness Month….which for many is November!!..its great to see interest and involvement grow..

In fact, we’ve recieved a number of requests from across the World to extend and expand the campaign. Moving the proposed deadline for entries from Halloween until the end of November so that even more people can get involved….we are talking to our supporters and consultiing with all the associations to counsel PHA-UK’s trustees, who make the final determination… If this did go ahead, PHA-UK could announce the final count of entries during a reception to celebrate its tenth anniversary, taking place during the British Thorasic Society’s Winter meeting in the first week of December.

We’ll let you know as soon as we have news on that..in the meantime..we have just five weeks until the current deadline…Can we do it????….With your help, I’m sure we can !!…So..Come on…You know you want to…Pucker Up 4 PH..and then get everyone you know and everyone they’ve ever known to do the same!!…because together, we can make a difference !!

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