Spanish Speakers Everywhere get Kissing!

In the last couple of weeks it seems the Spanish speaking countries have really taken up the challenge and are running with it!

The Fundación Contra la Hipertensión Pulmonar (FCHP)  in Spain have reported their first official kisses numbering in excess of 250 thanks to the efforts of Silvia Pérez with the help of family and friends in Logroño and we know there are many more on the way with a large network of friends and supporters, 2000 kits prepared and alliances with the city hall of Parla in Madrid and with a large hotel chain.  Big congratulations  go to FCHP and their leader, Enrique Carazo, for all the media coverage they have achieved for PH, their association and PuckerUp4PH!

The Fundación Venezolana de Hipertensión Pulmonar (FundaVHIP) in Venezuela have also been inspired to great efforts by their president Anabell Sivira and confirm they are holding more than 300 kisses after recently combining their “Caminata de la Esperanza” or “Walk of Hope” event with PuckerUp4PH.

Meanwhile the PuckerUp4PH facebook community is flooding with photos of the “besos azules” and we are working to confirm rumours of a further 800 kisses collected in Venezuela and still more in Mexico, Columbia, Argentina, Guatemala, Honduras & Costa Rica.

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