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Blueb Kiss Counting

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

The puckerup4ph team are up to their ears in Blue Kisses/Besos Azules from across the World. Ahead of the official count we have to verify all entries prior to that process taking place. It’s quite a time consuming exercise, which we are getting through. Our efforts aren’t helped by unexpected administrative duties. Sadly not all kisses were listed by participants, we have 12,000 lip prints to data enter.With Xmas upon us, it now looks likely that we won’t be able to complete the official count this side of 2010.

Towards A New World Record

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

The Blue Kisses from this byears campaign are arriving from all over the world. It’s so wonderful to see all the dfferent shapes and sizes of lip prints, young and old, united in a common cause to try and swell understanding about Pulmonary Hypertension in all its guises.

The task of collating and administrating the World record attempt is in the capable hands of Elizabeth Hinchey, who has played a large part in keeping everything moving along so well during the course of the campaign. We have quiite a task in verfiying the 10’s of thousands of Blue lip prints we’ve recieved (or still to recieve) ahead of getting the official count under way. We’ll keep you in touch with our porgress via this blog, so please log on again soon.