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A Deluge of Blue Lips

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Dramatic updates to the PuckerUp4PH leaderboard are becoming the norm after news of big collections of Blue Lips literally poured in over the weekend.

PH Israel are continuing the success of their shopping centre stands with a tremendous 550 blue kisses collected over the weekend at a mall in Petah Tikva near the Beilinson Hospital.  I understand huge thanks are to be forwarded to the team of young people helping on the day who were instrumental in this achievement.

The New Zealand Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Society (NZPAH) have been in touch to let us know about their first organised event which took place at Basalt, a local bar and restaurant in Howick on the North Island.  Throughout the afternoon patrons and staff puckered up with an final count revealing a fabulous 96 kisses collected.

Lucinda Duxbury-Smith of the PHA-UK took no time off over the Bank Holiday weekend, teaming up once more with her local Rotary Group to manage a stand at the Minnis Bay Fete in Kent.  The proven pull of the Blue Lips logo and proximity to the Rotary Beer and Pimm’s tent ensured the stand experienced a constant flow of visitors with over 800 blue lip prints collected and information on PH shared with all participants.

Another familiar face in the campaign, Jacqui Boldy, was out again over the weekend encouraging folk to Pucker Up at the Briars Pub in Kettering.   Sounds like it was another busy day for Jacqui and friends with indoors being the place to be after a spate of cold and wet weather across the UK in the last week.

We’re also looking forward to a mass of new names in the coming weeks with Singapore, Ireland, Germany and Spain soon to host their first PuckerUp4PH events.  With other PH groups and individuals around the world continuing their efforts, make sure you check back in regularly to stay abreast of all the updates flooding in.

PH-ers in the USA Rise to the Challenge

Friday, August 27th, 2010

After the popular “Kissing Booth” at the international PH conference hosted by the PHA earlier this year, many attendees were inspired to take the PuckerUp4PH concept back to their own support groups, family and friends around the USA.  We’ve heard whispers of Blue Lips Kits being ordered and events being planned here and there for a little while now, but in the last week news of kisses actually being collected is starting to flood in.

It all kicked off with an email from Karen Janjanin, a support group leader from Delaware who last weekend collected 32 lip prints from the youth group at the Old Paths Church of Christ in Georgetown (click on the link below for their video).  Karen also had plans to collect still more kisses at the church picnic the next day.

The Old Paths Church Of Christ Youth Group PuckersUp4PH

Then checking the updates of our Facebook friends, photos uploaded by the Newport Beach support group in California showed a host of blue lips being set off by perfect blue seas and skies.

From all the comments on the album, it sounds like everyone had a great time and may be inspiring some other friends out there who haven’t yet Puckered Up this year.  A great tip coming out of this group is to hunt down some blue facepaint which you can probably find at a local costume shop or party supplies store and apply it with cotton buds/q tips.

Sean Wyman, a member of the Newport group who only this week sat his MCAT exam for entry into medical school, has big plans including securing blue lip prints from a large number of the staff and student body at the University of California, Riverside.  Good luck on the exams and with the kisses Sean!

Evan White, Sean’s unstoppable Mum also attended the San Bernadino support group meeting and plans to visit a group in San Diego soon. She sent along these photos and already holds around 30kisses to add to the growing tally.

Meanwhile in the hometown of the PHA, Silver Spring, Alex Castro Flipse set up a stand downtown last week managing to collect 55 kisses in only 3 1/2 hours under the scorching sun.  Despite a tremendous effort she wonders whether borrowing the popular “Kissing Booth” banner from the PHA conference scared off more passersby than attracted them in that location.  She did however meet some new friends who have now joined the local support group and is planning another occasion in a month or so once the weather has cooled down.

Finally, we received some very exciting news from Barbara Thompson, a PH support group leader in the Mid South Area who informs us that the Loretta McNary show will be “Puckering Up in Memphis” this September.  Loretta herself has very graciously responded to an email from us today and we look forward to sharing more news and the date and time the show will be airing soon.

If you are in the USA and haven’t yet got a Blue Lips kit, email Christine Dickler ( at the PHA to request one.  If you already have your kit and have been convincing people to slather on the blue lippy already, email us here at PuckerUp4PH HQ ( to let us know about your experience and tell us how many kisses we can update the tally by!

Shoppers PuckerUp4PH in the UK, Puerto Rico and Israel

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Shopping centres & malls around the world are proving a popular location for kiss collecting and chatting to the public about PH as passersby are drawn in to find out about the Blue Lips being proudly displayed.   Successful PuckerUp4PH events in three separate countries have taken place in the last week alone targetting shoppers.

This past weekend, PHA-UK members Jacqui & Mark Boldy, Michelle & Barry Marshall, Tina Pickering, Kathy Davis and Beryl & Stephen Morrell returned to Newlands Shopping Centre in Kettering.  Despite competing with a local carnival which reduced the number of shoppers the received another great response collecting over 100 kisses, and even convinced a friendly carnival clown to PuckerUp4PH.

At the San Patricio Plaza Mall in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico last week, the Caparra Wellness Center held a Health Fair with over seventy professionals teaching people about nutrition, exercise and various health disorders including pulmonary hypertension coupled with collecting further blue kisses resulting in a total 224 kisses collected during the campaign so far with more events to come.   The kids pictured, all home schoolers, helped throughout the day teaching other children and adults alike about the working of the respiratory system whilst also collecting Blue Lips for the campaign.

And in Jerusalem, PHA Israel with friends and volunteers have hosted another stand at the Citrus Mall collecting 261 kisses taking their countries tally over the 1000 mark! Congratulations!  We look forward to sharing photos of this event with the world soon.

Canada Puckers Up & PR Powers On While the UK Brings Out the Big Guns

Friday, August 20th, 2010

With all kits now received by the various support groups across Canada, we’ve this week received the first photos of Puckering Up from New Brunswick.  In their first two events, the New Brunswick PH Society have collected over 70 lip prints, most recently taking the campaign to the Canadian National Transplant Games.

Jennifer Gendron from the group even took her blue lippy along to a recent family reunion with some great photos resulting.   PuckerUp4PH is set to feature in their upcoming newsletter, so we look forward to more pics, stories and kisses from the New Brunswick PH-ers soon!

We also heard that the Toronto chapter of the PHA Canada were due to introduce the campaign at their recent support group meeting and know that the Edmonton PAH Society had plans for several occasions.  We can’t wait to share these stories and more about Canada from here on in.

The outstanding Grupo de Apoyo para Pacientes de Hipertensión Pulmonar en Puerto Rico (GAPHPPR) have held another wildly successful shopping mall event last weekend, collecting another 839 lip prints to take their total number of kisses collected comfortably over the 3000 mark.  We can’t wait for more photos and news as they are already looking forward to the 25th of August and their stand at the Metropolitan University (UMET) in San Juan.

This last week has turned into a tussle for the top of the leaderboard with this impressive haul from the Puerto Ricans only being pipped by the astounding 1200 lip prints collected by Lucinda Duxbury-Smith of the PHA-UK from her stand at the Broadstairs Folk Week.

Blue Lip prints are being collected at an ever-increasing rate, and it is at this time the world’s unofficial record holder for the largest collection of blue lips enters the fray after graciously giving everyone else a head start.  In 2008 when the Blue Lip World Record attempt was first introduced in the UK Tracie Pannell, inspired by her daughter Leanne, collected over 8,500 blue kisses alone.  On the 18th of  September this year she will be out all day at Tesco Exmouth, collecting kisses and sharing information about PH with shoppers.  We hear she is already gunning to surpass her astounding previous effort to contribute to the overall record attempt and further the shared goal to vastly improve knowledge and understanding of PH around the world.

Folk Stars

Friday, August 20th, 2010

A very big thank you to PH-er Lucinda Duxberry Smith and helpers for weighing in with a spectacular 1200 blue lip prints to put the UK on the top of the leaderboard for the first time. These were gathered at the Broadstairs Folk Week in Kent. (Many thanks to the organisers of the event for all their support..we’d also like to acknowledge the local rotarians for their help.)

Fantastic news from Singapore, the Singapore Heart Foundation have offered their help for the PAH awareness campaign/Blue Lip World Record attempt. To co-incide with World Heart Day the local PAH support set up will be provided with a booth/stand to collect lip prints at an event that will attract 20,000 plus people.

We welcome Spain, Germany. Mexico and a basket of South American countries to the campaign and look forward to sharing all your news/record breaking efforts with everyone.

Well done to all the individual support groups across the U.S. for doing what they can to collect blue kisses. We’ve still got 30,000 kisses to collect….so every effort really counts.

Puerto Rico Poised to Increase Their Lead as UK Surges Forward.

Friday, August 13th, 2010

Soon after hearing the news of the 623 kisses collected by PHA-UK’s Kathy Davis, word of the forthcoming activities of the unstoppable Puerto Rican Group, GAPHPPR, reached us.  This weekend they are taking to the Las Catalinas Mall in Caguas for a marathon 12hours on the Saturday and an additional 8hours on the Sunday followed closely by their participation in a commemorative week for primary health at the Metropolitan University (UMET) in San Juan on the 25th of August where they will be looking to collect kisses from participants and the student body.   We are sure to see another dramatic rise in their blue kiss tally!

GAPHPPR’s success to date lies not only in their drive to keep organising group events, but also in their ability to inspire and enable individuals to take part.  They have recently been fortunate to receive a generous donation from El Conquistador Resort in PR for a stay of three nights for two adults and two children.  They are offering this amazing prize to the person who collects the most lip prints for the GAPHPPR. In order to qualify for entry, hopeful kiss collectors must have at least 100 valid kisses (for full terms and conditions, please write to

A great idea! Do you have any local businesses that might be interested in supporting the campaign by offering a prize or a service as an incentive for participation for members of your support group or PH Association?

Another association raking in the kisses through a range of creative group activities is PHA Israel.  In their most recent event, members and volunteers manned a stall in a shopping mall in Tel Aviv reporting that it a great awareness raising effort with many shoppers stopping to ask questions and take PH info leaflets away with them.  They also managed to secure another 261 kisses bringing their tally to 779!

Murmurs of more kissing in the USA have been heard too, with requests for Blue Lips Kits coming in daily from individuals and support group leaders keen to make their impression on the campaign.  Don’t forget to email us the news (lips@puckerup4PH) so we can report on it and include your numbers in the tally for the USA.  They’re also staging a PuckerUp4PH event on 19th of August in downtown Silver Spring close to PHA headquarters with music and facepainting!  Some great photos to share soon from them I’m sure!

Added to this a report from Italy’s Associazione Malati Ipertensione Polmonare (AMIP) has been in touch to say they are confident that they will blow their early estimate of being able to contribute 300 kisses to the campaign with a revised prediction of 2ooo+ to add to the overall tally by the end of October!

Keep an eye out also for another boost to come for UK kisses, as just this week PHA-UK’s own Jacqui Boldy has made another bumper order for blue lips kits… What could she be up to?  Also Jane Taylor’s phenomenal success in Spain has inspired her son Mark to arrange Blue Lips events at the Purple Turtle nightclub in Reading which will be kicking off each weekend any time now!

In the end, we are all working towards the joint goal of taking the PH message to the world, but surely a little competition can’t hurt?  Stay tuned…

Blue Lips Craft Patterns

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

As promised, Bev Newman, a friend of the PuckerUp4PH campaign has developed a range of patterns for Blue Lips Crafts, including a handbag, necklaces, a key ring, a purse and coasters.  She has kindly shared them with us to publish online for the global PH community.

Blue Lips Handbag

Blue Lips Keyring & Purse

Blue Lips Necklaces

Blue Lips Coasters

Bev, along with a group of friends, intends to work on making a host of Blue Lips items to sell at a local fete to raise funds for the PHA-UK alongside collecting blue kisses towards the Guinness World Record AttemptTM and has also made the finished product available for sale from her website with 75% of the profits going to the PHA-UK.  Thanks very much Bev!!!

What creative Blue Lips ideas have you and your friends had?  Email us at so we can share them with PH-ers everywhere!

Girl Guides Celebrate 100 Years with 600+ Blue Kisses

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Another 623 blue lip prints have been added to the UK tally by the girls in blue at a week long camp to celebrate 100 years of guiding.

PHA-UK member Kathy Davis, as Assistant County Commissioner, was key in organising the Guiding County Camp for Hampshire East numbering in excess of 700 campers, including some 80 international guides invited from Japan and the USA.  In addition to Puckering Up 4 PH, the guides took part in a host of activities including climbing, rafting, boating, archery, tent pitching competitions, Japanese dancing, craft from all over the world, global development village and much, much more. In the evenings there were discos, beach parties, talent competitions, line dancing and a live pop concert on Friday evening.

Jacqui Boldy’s PuckerUp4PH Banner made another appearance (email us at if you’d like to request it for a forthcoming event) and they also had BBC Radio Solent reporting live from the campsite throughout Friday afternoon.

Kathy says: “I got 623 blue lips and gave out lots of flyers and stickers. The response was excellent with many girls asking questions about PH. The adults were also very supportive and now have an understanding of the condition I have and why I need O2.”

Cornwall, Caravanning and Crafts…

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

What on earth do the above three have in common, you may well ask.  The answer lies with the unstoppable PHA-UK member, Margaret Williams whose drive in promoting awareness of PH is matched only by the ingenuity of her plans to get people Puckering Up.  Having cast her creative eye over her daily activities and interests, Margaret is already pursuing three unique approaches to PuckerUp4PH and inspiring others to help her out!

Following on from Margaret’s first PuckerUp4PH event held at the local Echo day centre in Liskeard, she has received the support of staff members who will continue to collect kisses on her behalf.  Already an article Margaret has written for the Echo’s newsletter has been picked up to be included in the next issue of Adult Social Care magazine for distribution to the whole of Cornwall and she is planning on securing further media coverage at the time of her second coffee morning at the centre in September.

Due off on her next road trip to the National Camping and Caravanning Rally in Scotland, the Blue Lips Kits have already been packed ready to collect the kisses of the brass band Margaret plays in along with other members of the club and she has penned an article which she hopes to get placed in the club’s monthly magazine.  We’re really looking forward to having those photos to share with everyone!

From Cornwall, Margaret has also recruited her friend Bev in Southampton, to support and further the campaign.  Bev, who she met online through a common interest group, is a consummate crafter now working on developing a range of Blue Lips craft patterns and goods which she intends to sell in joint fundraising/kiss collecting activities for the PHA-UK.  Bev has also kindly offered to share the patterns with the global PH community so keep your eyes peeled, we’ll be publishing them soon!

A new challenge goes out!

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

A small amendment to the PuckerUp4PH homepage has been made in the last day that we hope will make a big impact in our race to collect a Guinness World Record TM breaking number of blue kisses… Have you seen it yet?

There is now a Blue Lip Print leaderboard to show not only the total number of kisses collected so far, but also which countries are Puckering Up.  It’s not 100% accurate yet, but does include the numbers of kisses officially reported on from participating PH associations around the world and a few individuals who have informed us separately of their efforts.  We know there are at least another couple of hundred other kisses out there so far unnaccounted for (may be even more!), so please don’t hesitate to email us at if your country, and kisses, haven’t yet been acknowledged!

Last year, great competition flared up between different countries in the effort to have their shortlisted “puckerer” receive the honour of being named the “Lips of 2010″ and we are hoping you will all embrace this year’s challenge with the same enthusiasm!  Remember that if we hit our target, those 40,000 lip prints won’t just result in an entry in a record book, more significantly they will symbolise 40,000 people who now know about and have a greater understanding of what it means to live with PH.

So put your heads together with your friends and family, with the members of your PH association or support group, with colleagues, with your hospital or clinic staff, even with your online pals and get creative with ways to collect those kisses!