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Hello California

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Throughout the Orange County International Conference organised by the PHA in the United States, members of 51 groups across the world have been contributing kisses at a blue lip booth, getting blue lip tattooes and hopefully logging on here and keeping in touch with the world record attempt.

We need 40,000 lip prints and so far we have, we estimate, around 2500.  Every contribution will make a difference as whilst we are collecting lip prints we’re telling people about this conditio and as we know only 3% of the population have the first clue about PH.  You’ll read in previous episodes of this blog of individual efforts by some very special people, who are making a difference.  We have our fingers crossed that many many many more will be inspired by them and want to stand shoulder to shoulder with them in raising awareness of PH.

With thanks to Stuart Berwick & Diane Ramirez for sharing some of their photos from the conference.

Camposol Fiesta & Newlands Kettering in July

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

300 lip prints from a fantastic effort by Jane Taylor, Husband Norm and all their wonderful friends…

She tells us the fiesta in the area of Spain where she and her husband have a property.. “went really well today. I got over 300 blue lip prints with the help of my lovely hubbie and some ace friends. I am absolutely shattered!!!!! But people were so interested in what it was all about and we had a great day and met so many new people. Took loads of pics and I will make sure they get posted on the Pucker Up website.

I know it is hot in UK but it was about 38 here today!!!

One thing I would say to anyone who is doing an event is to use Blue face paint it worked a treat and we only used about a quarter of a pot. Wet a cotton bud with water and on goes the paint. The men were a bit sceptical at first but some were worryingly quite professional at applying it!!! Loads of face wipes needed too!!! “…

Jane and her family have been hugely helpful with a number of important research projects for PHA-UK including the charities campaiging to get the charges/current practices for the provision of supplemental oxygen in flight for otherwise fit to fly disabled passengers, such as people who live with PH…you can find out more about this campaign via the website…

A terrible experience that Jane went through with a certain ‘bargain fare’ operator was featured in the british media and has made a fantastic contribution to raising awareness of the issues..and pulmonary hypertension…

many thanks again jane…i know your son is planning to help with the night club he runs..lets hope many many more people can get involved and have as much fun and make as much impact as you have….

Can I also say very well done to male partners of a group of dynamic and lovely ladies (who dont let PH stand in the way of them living as full as a life that they can and do.. ) for completing the Three Peaks walk..

They have been carrying with them a PuckerUp4PH flag, which is been taken by different people all over the world and within a few months will be pictured in doezens of places all over the globe…its the brainchild of Jacqui Boldy…another supporter of PHA-UK.. Jacqui and her PH friends, Michelle, Debbie and Kerry, with their friends and family, will be holding a kissing stall  in the Newlands Shopping centre in Kettering on the 17th July and again on the 21st of August!

thank you

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

A huge thank you to the cast and crew of the smash West End musical The Lion King for Puckering Up 4 PH!

Key 103, manchester’s best music radio station by a mile and a bit..also did the campaign proud..the breakfast show team have all lent their lips and gave us a shout ‘on-air’..brilliant to know you are also with us…

PHA-UK Puckers Up and Just Walks!

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

It was a very early start, but a bright blue sky beckoned encouraging PHA-UK staff, members and supporters to take on the incredible challenge of completing a 40km (or 26 mile) endurance walk across the beautiful South Downs of West Sussex in order to raise funds to support the PHA-UK’s Family Weekend.

The first of the blue kisses were collected in the UK for PuckerUp4PH 2010 by the intrepid adventurers before they took off  as they paused to Pucker Up, plaster on some blue lippy and kiss a few entry forms; in the process managing to raise more than a few eyebrows, but also a lot of interest in what we were doing.   We were delighted that many of the other walkers, also there to raise funds and awareness for their own causes, were drawn in by the spectacle and came over to ask about what we were doing before striding off across the Downs sporting blue lips of their own after having lent us their lips.

As we are starting to notice, the fellas although not dab hands with application of the lippy, tend to be more curious and keen to participate than we ever could have expected!   An absolutely beautiful day in the English countryside and an encouraging start to the UK attack on the current world record!

Click here to watch an audio slideshow of the day

Blue Kisses Being Collected Around the World!

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

The great news is that the official Blue Lips kits have been delivered in most regions of the world despite Customs in certain regions baulking at these mysterious shipments containing blue lipstick of all things! There have been some enthusiastic folk around the world, however, who just couldn’t wait for their official kits to arrive and who have already seized opportunities to speak about PH and give the global PH community a head start on the blue lip print world record attempt!

The Australian PuckerUp4PH operation was launched mid May in Queensland in memory of Alex McGrath, whose story features in one of our PH Films. The unstoppable McGrath family, not seeing enough of a challenge in pursuing just one Guinness World Record, combined two in a single event with over 300 dancers also competing for a Zumba record. In a uniquely Australian slant, those who lent their lips on the day left their mark in blue zinc which had been generously donated by a local company looking to support the initiative.

Next week they are planning to go into Alex and Chloe’s school (Chloe McGrath runner up in the last year’s search for the lips of 2010 pictured centre) to collect kisses from the entire student body and staff and have plans for many more awareness opportunities for the PHA Australia and pulmonary hypertension. In a recent radio interview, Vivien McGrath revealed that as a result of their committed campaigning work over the last year they have heard of at least one family, who on hearing their message ‘asked the question’ and received a diagnosis.

On the other side of the world, AMIP (Associazione Malati di Ipertensione Polmonare) of Italy celebrated their association’s 10th anniversary in the town of Pavia, their President Luisa Bonelli introducing the initiative over breakfast on the first morning of the campaign by marking each persons place with a PuckerUp4PH entry form instead of a place card!

The first weekend in June in beautiful Brugnetto the parents of Sofia Franceschini, Tiziana and Simone of the AMIP group in the March region of Italy, captured not only the imagination and kisses of many of the locals in setting up a ‘PuckerUp4PH’ stand at an outdoor banquet, but also the attention of the local media, securing articles in a number of local publications as well as a radio interview to spread the message about PH.

Canada’s Edmonton P.A.H Society, led by President Lynn-Marie Cox were enthusiastic participants in last year’s PuckerUp4PH initiative and, with an early show of confidence, suggested that between their members and supporting specialist medical staff, they may be able to collect more than 10,000 blue lip prints in the Edmonton area alone! Their large order of Blue Lips kits arrived last week and Lynn-Marie wasted no time at all whipping out the blue lippy and getting her Fedex driver to ‘Pucker Up’ right there on her doorstep! With the group hosting two more events in quick succession by the weekend, it sounds like they are on course for achieving their goal by the end of the campaign.

This is just a short account of the enthusiasm being shown for the campaign and it’s vital mission to increase awareness of pulmonary hypertension and we know there are many more events already being planned around the world, so if you want to share news about your PuckerUp4PH event to help inspire others, please send us a quick email to and we can post details here on the blog!

Towards July 6th

Friday, June 11th, 2010

Another frantic week of activity at PU4PH HQ..we have written to every national newspaper, magazine and health title in the UK to ask if they’d ‘pucker up’ for the campaign. Tee-shirts, lipsticks, entry forms and disposal camera’s have been dispatched with a stamped addressed return envelope to all health editors/editorial departments…we’ll be following those up next week…we won’t leave it to chance to see what we get back…Next week we will be contacting all the West End Theatres and touring theatre groups, all the TV & Radio soap operas will be hit as will all the radio stations and regional newspaper titles.

We are making online entries a little easier with a single sheet PDF entry form..and next week our thousands of internet supporters will be alerted to ask if they’ll revisit the site and lend their lips…we’ll also be ramping up our social network get more and more to lend their lips and support for the initiative..

Across the World, the differing interpretations of customs law by officials has delayed the delivery of a couple of boxes of materials in two or three countries…but most have now arrived…in our next update we’ll have details of who is doing what and where….it’s amazing what is being planned in Australia, Brazil, British Columbia, the USA. Italy, Quebec, Toronto and across Canada Germany, Singapore, Israel, New Zealand, Mexico, South America and Spain!!